The Veracruz Language School

Spanish immersion is the fastest way to begin speaking the language. And nowhere is it more fun and more successful than here in Veracruz, Mexico.

Our immersion is focused on getting you speaking Spanish. You'll be out around town and speaking with locals by the end of the third day. And this is true even if you're a brand new beginner.

The traditional approach to teaching Spanish is good for learning to read or write, but think for a second of all the people you know who have studied in high school or college. How many of them actually speak Spanish???

Our non-traditional, highly individualized approach to instruction is especially successful in getting students speaking. And, it's full of Mexican culture and happiness.

San Juan de Ulua, the old fort across the harbor in Veracruz, Mexico

In conversation many call us The Veracruz Language School, and although it is a good name for us, we're really The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico. Those who've heard us called The Veracruz Language School have had trouble finding us, and so we've mounted this website to make ourselves easier to find.

In this site we're giving you a very quick look at our school, but we'd like you to come to Our Main Website to learn about us in detail.

We're very close to the water in exciting and safe Veracruz. Our students are highly successful at improving their Spanish, and they also often say that they're having the vacation of a lifetime.


We have six hours of class a day. Four hours are in school, and two hours are out-and-about with a native-Spanish-speaking staff member. Thursday is fieldtrip day, and again you're accompanied by staff.

There are very few foreigners in Veracruz, and so you'll have lots of opportunity to practice your Spanish everywhere you go. The people of Veracruz are warm and welcoming. They love visiting with those of us from other countries.

We include much more in our price than do most schools. We have no hidden costs, and we work hard to be sure you don't have any surprise costs. We're happy to send you our info pack.

In the boxes to the right, you can read what some former students have to say about us. To read more student comments please come to our main website.

Your unique immersion program is sheer brilliance.
You couldn't be in a better location.
...your school provides an ambiance that is warm, friendly, and highly conducive to learning another language.
...the in-school lodging really ensures a great trip for both the single traveler and the family.
I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe even though I was usually the only lily-white turista around!



Our facility is half a block from the ocean, two blocks from the main in-town beach, and a ten minute walk from the major part of the malecon.

From there it’s another 5 minutes to the zocalo with the cathedral, municipal palace, bandstand, and lots of outdoor restaurants and strolling musical groups.

We’re a tourist town, but here the tourists are Mexicans, and so even though there is so much to do, here you’ll do it in Spanish.

Come see us at The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico to see how our Spanish immersion works, to see our basic programs, and to read more student comments.
Please email us at, and we'll be very happy to answer any question you have about us or any questions about Spanish immersion in general.
You can call us at this U.S. number and it will ring through to us in Mexico. Just dial (415) 939-4388 (it's our San Francisco number that rings right through to us in Veracruz), and we'll be happy to talk through all the question you might have.